November 21, 2017

There is a difficulty with conceptualizations, the turns in life, the forks in the road, the time to turn left, right or just plain and simple forwarding into the breech. What pray tell my dear and gentle readers ask is she on about now. Read on!

Life in its course and of course gives us or produces, the hard turns, the way to go. Subsequent decisions are based on the wind, the stars, plain Grey-haired fatigue or inexperience. One does not know know as straight-grained hindsight does not offer any understanding, just where or how it would been,had one turned right instead of left, if you or me had walked the path less followed, or merely departed entirely on the other track.

While riding the road to the next place, stop, thing, usually distraught, not in the anyway of peaceful or in higher cognitive processes. Physical phenomenons such as perspiring accompany these decisions. The routine in reactions the only predictor of the next delusions. What a proper thought process is, the heavens only knows, can be simply ascribed early environment, a larger than life individual and education for this writers actual torpedo reasoning.

Remarkably, these patterns of thought are accompanied, with wistful thinking,prayers and publications, or harsh hard plain language. Delivered with high volume emphasis, so blurred they are unrecognizable, “ Go forth, stay, come go.” tumble thru the cranium. Along with the events, places and persons rushed feelings, of taking flight. The running into burning buildings or over them in a single bound predicate being pushed from the pillar into the post, by time, physical reality, upbringing, rituals roaring in and around. Forcing one to hang on, or motions of moving on.

Shouting to get out of the way, or get hit, from behind an eight ball, agitated then towards a destination that never appears or seemingly get to, nor if truth be told, want to go in, reinforced by laws that no one seems to mind. Take for example, blinkers on cars. No one uses them. Or for that matter follows speed limits. The automobile ahead either to close to the next person, car, care, crave, craze. Passed by the left-wing or rightmost or simply remaining stock still. Leaving most people to land in mid air. This drive and searching, perceived to be accompanied, and placed between a stone and an arduous place.

Now, as ever, people just want to do what they want to do, as there are bills to pay and dogs to walk. It was easier when we were part of a family unit, a congregation. THEN there were things to rebel against. Rules of conformity. At present we water-gate everything and everybody. The shame of all this, is the atrocious behaviors become mind numbing. But so assure you my dear Gentlewoman and Noble men, Lady Luck, has me firmly in hand Thank God,dess, and you too.

Rebels revel in rewriting reality’s restrictions.” 
― Ryan Lilly moi & miss lp