November 19th, 2017

I was trying to nap. A proper catnap. A little sleep, in the afternoon. Took a bath, got in my new pajamas, blue fleece with polka dots. My only flannel nightgown thin and torn. Earlier in the day, had thought about my own household linens going thru the machines, my own sheets, after guests from the Island left. A trio, grandparents and grandson, but time was of the essence, and did not. They wanted to put the 240 pound grandson on a cot, instead installed him in a room. Making it way easier in the morning, not to have to replace the cot but only the sheets.

Walked Lucy, brushed all the burrs out of her butt. trimmed the rest, the sticky mess that I could not get off her feathers. Then vacuumed, all with the view of getting in to bed. Sheets, blankets, pillows, you know the routine. A correct, seemly snooze. Napping at its best.

We climb in, cover up, closing one eye then the other. Wandering off to dreamland, the doorbell rings. SKYWARD I ascent, gravitating and go to the door.

An alternative to the phone company representative, at the door. Wanting to know if I want a variation. I try NOT to be impolite. Hiding behind the door while the fragrance of cigarettes waifs towards me. I cannot remember what services I pay for with the company I am keeping. All while he tries to sell me a more expensive faster service, while all the while I am trying to remain upright, having passed being coherent hours ago.

I settle down, again, dreaming the door bell sounds, Lucy does not move. Thus I know I am recreating realty in my dreams. Settle down, repeating the climb in, close sequence, and once more into the breech, for a winters nap, but its not winter.

I have been trying to eat my way thru the fridge, thus eating bizarre combinations of food. Fed up, OFF to the store purchasing items for guests who canceled, and things for a proper set meals. The fridge is now full and so will I be. While at the grocery store, I behind me in line is my next door neighbor, and invite her and her husband for supper. Thus there is a rush to sleep. Heart settles and do I and back we go again, this time realty strikes. Lucy barks to get my attention.

Head down eyes shut, heading toward unconsciousness we hope, the bell rings once again. This time a gentleman from Africa, wanting of all things a room. I tell him the price, which I have to say usually scares them off, but no, he wants inn. There I am in the middle of the day in my PINK housecoat greeting guests. He pays and he gets the key. Going off to Halifax, to catch a bus, to wing his way home. Breakfast will be at an Ungodly hour. A graduate of York university, he likes warmth so UP went the heat. He goes off to visit a niece who is attending the local university here in fiance. She too does not like the cold, I heard. I am sure it is going to get worse.

Again, we return to the napping situation, and the doorbell, the damn bell rings again. This time, it is a gentleman who only needs a few dollars as his car has broken down a few blocks away. He does not get my realities when I shut the door firmly in his face, just how desperate I am.

Thus it time, again. To rise up. We do, and we are OFF having accomplished, not a great deal, and up once again to make breakfast. Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole worldhad cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.” – Barbara Jordan Moi and Miss LP