November 15th, 2017

I have many loyalty cards in my beat up decimated wallet. In fact so many I don’t keep track of them all. It can barely close, its zipper divided, leather torn, from usage and stuffiness. Many plastic gift cards with little or nothing left on them. Mile after and mile of points, to breeze to the next village. My running time all goes in one direction, spent mostly winging, thru the day, thru events, chores, weather.Breezing thru tire changes. Seasonal list of life stuff.

I am a frequent flier, just not in the way merchants want. All I have to do is sit there at the Patriot Tire Store. Getting there is the event of the mean solar day. It starts with making decisions about what to wear, no hair and makeup involved. Recently, my dear and gentle readers were informed of an acquisition of a white winter coat. That just was not appropriate for these efforts. The weather brutality has turned to another season, very promptly I might add. I chose to wear tire throwing gray. Another coat purchased second hand but never worn, warmer than the most recent of purchases. ALL together too warm for inside ware, discarded on the seat while the tires were changed. I am getting ahead of myself.

Two steps headlong and the descent to the corner in the dark where since beginning of spring they have been stashed away. The dog and the tires don’t fit in La Tomato at the same time. Two gargantuan packages, packed over the Resemblance day weekend, needed to be gone. Elephantine things they were too, unheeding of the costs to be incurred when they were moved off the list of life and into the sands of time. Packed the dog in the car, and packages into the car. The winter tires, positioned in anticipation, at the back door.

Agelong readers will associate, Lucy loves the post office, unnecessary to say the staff love her. Cookies ! Are her just reward for looking pretty. OFF we went tottering along, packages on the passenger-side of the car, setting off the seat belt alarm. IMMENSE packages in white paper, taped securely shut were driven, (similar to moi at the time) to postal service. Lucy got her cookies. I perspired profusely as we were proportionately dressed for winter storms.

We dropped Lucy off at her sitters, back we went, tooing and frooing at its best. Throwing the tires, like cabers at a competition in Scotland, the white plastic flapping in the wind, onto the back seat as they would never ever fit in the trunk of La TOMATO. We were OFF in another direction, as often the case in my life.

I am very pleased to announce MORE stuff out of the basement, incrementally departed. I found my class ring from high school, it still fits, (not at night however I discovered) The prom dress not so much.( AND I THOUGHT I WAS ENDOMORPHIC) I spent a little bit of time trying to recollect the fellows last name that I went with. I did hark back the car we were all in overheated on the highway going to the Mountain in Montreal that night. Covered in rust coloured radiator fluid, hiking said mountain to see the sun rise in a long formal dress.)

More stuff away, this time out of the bathroom closet, coming back in another form, having recovered three charm bracelets from my youth, plus boxes of trinkets, for the most part, maple leaves charms. ( Maple leaves, a symbolization of my natal country, with my natal day falling on the national holiday of the country.) To the jewelers they went along bauble my bother had brought me from his time in Egypt in the peacekeeping. With the jewelers assistance, have had them all put together artistically, into a bracelet. Loyalty in another form. It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney  Moi and Lucy P