November 02,2017

I am a buttocks clencher ! plus a sloucher. “What is this world coming to? You all thinking she has completely lost it, which I am I am sure I did a while back, pre-bed and breakfast. The path to good health, lead to the physiotherapist last night. For my knee. You will recall my trip to the hospital for drugs, flirty nurses, pain, on weekend, sometime ago . We were given a doctors note to keep out of boot camp, and we have.

After an assessment, we were pronounced, not dead, (but almost.) I have a tight end for all you athletic types. Hip rotating not far enough, or too much, thus stabilizing (there is a word not often attributed to MOI) by keeping my buns in an viselike efforts, making the spine uproarious. Which was true! I do it all the time, even while sitting. While I am at it, I am sitting too far-right, (another attribute not usually attributed to moi) slough that I am. Slumped, this way and that. Bending, way too much at the same time, leading MOI to standing falsely, oh my poor little tootsies.There are age related factors, but nothing this woman cannot conquer, and from the sounds of it I am to go as well. “not afraid of hard work?” OMG OH yes I am. I am anile and bleary and beat.

Thus, I am to take a dishtowel, usually in my hand and give it to the my feet to work on, whenever, throw it on the floor, scrunch it with my toes, opening and closing my toes making the towel into a little snake like things. Six or seven times a day. Thank God,dess Lucy is older, as playing tug of war for hours on end, which when younger I did with my hands and hung on for dear life. We would now come out even.

One of the trends of late like 5,000 years, I have not followed is yogo, due to my instability. (Noted from birth I am afraid.) NOW I am to do reverse sit up, again the same number, half a yogo pose, hold for several minutes. You all may never hear from me again, is just the reason that this is imparted in a bed and breakfast diatribe. Work repeated injury, the cure at $85 per hour.

OFF went earlier in the day, and given my pronoses I do not know just how I made it, to a meeting of a reservation system, changed from one hotel and phone calls and emails to make sure I would not screw this up. Can’t get them to pay any attention to moi for any other rational motive. I was in fact time traveling, in my hurry showed up the day before the meeting, but you all my dear and gentle readers will be relieved to know, eventually landing on the correct day, and getting it right for the middle of the week day, in the correct hotel bored room. I told the same story, always do, and it was duly noted. There inn or here inn, lies the problem, the accounting outfit is in Missouri, she being from Ireland, and the cheques sent to Toronto.

I received for my efforts, and I am sure this took them many hours in a world-weary room some place, in Zanzibar, to figure out, a pair of gloves with their name on it, which when reversed are hidden, they match nothing I own. Other people match, but then they are not driven to wear, while walking the dog, gloves promoting their business. I predict coming into the season of gift giving, more in my future. In the blue paper bag, which I refused, as I carry an overnight bag, to prophylactically prevent bag growth under the sink, there was a noose to hang myself with, you all remember the additive give her enough rope? More pens, I have 8567 of them, and you will recall from previous diatribes my efforts to tame them into one place. You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C. S. Lewis Moi and Miss LP