The original early 1900’s postcard is available for viewing on the premises.

Built in the turn of the last century, the house for many years was a rectory for St George’s Anglican church. Many the former parishioners have returned as guests, have delighted in the updates made throughout the 1990’s. Purchased from the church, “A Downtown Bed and Breakfast” has been in continuous operation as a B&B since 1991.

The current street name (Alma) means “Spirit” in Spanish . The street originally was “Doctor’s Row”. The surrounding homes were the practices for medical specialists and general practitioners. The last physician closed his practice on the street, but remains in his home. The street now reflects a modern use of historical properties — with a furrier, funeral home and private homes remaining. The Bed and Breakfast is wedged between two homes that are both 125 years old.

The stone for the house was quarried here in the region and is made of limestone. The quarry is now closed. It is the same stone used for, and was erected around the same time as, Moncton High School.

History of A Downtown Bed and Breakfast
History of A Downtown Bed and Breakfast