November 11,2017

La tomato was stuffed, not the brim but with unaccustomed and unique bits and bobs. Credit card carbons, taken from the nest of shoe boxes, were bagged, to take to the bank for shredding. Apparel, and I have been threatening to this a long time, not worn since the beginning of time to the second hand clothing store had not opened, missing that by 10 minutes in the pouring rain. l walked the dog in the heavy precipitation, having fed a guest, blueberry pancakes, the chosen item for the next breakfast, peanut butter oatmeal, and the rest of the Montreal bagels.  

Thus all of the above made me extremely late. For what cry my dear and gentle readers. Tardy to book club. The only thing I remembered about the book was the title. Having read the book a million years ago, and not remembered one single thing about it.

The Beluga whaling sounding exhaust fan for bathroom, was taken out by my guy, while at book club. Calling him to remind him of the chore three times. My guy as left the fan on the kitchen table. Thus by phone my day was shaped, and was given my marching orders to purchase another. I dreaded the day spent wandering hardware stores, in fact, walked straight to a young one armed salesman at patriot tire store.  Bingo bango, with the old one in tow, acquired a fresh spick-and-span exhaust fan, to be replaced tomorrow. A wild adventure at hardware stores, it was not. 

As there was snow, abieti wet and not staying I drove towards my favorite shop, as on another list. new winter walking boots, were required. My preferred saleslady, sick with cold was present and away we went. Black Friday SALE coming and Boots are being held for me until Nov 20th whereupon the price is gone from over a hundred to $40 tax in. I also got a $245 coat for $119.00 + tax and a not so great deal replacement hoodie. Now to purge the basement once again

Back to the second hand store, missed it on the other end by a mere minutes. You will be pleased to know I went back to boot camp, with pieces of paper in hand, physiotherapy. My diminutive little leader coached me in slow and gentle. My left hand is sore this morning. OFF to the grocery store to purchase necessitated items of life, grapes.

Lucy loves the cold, and is romping with great glee, however she is not to get any spaghetti sauce with cottage cheese ever again, we were up thru the night four times. While on patrol, as the neck of the woods surveillance team we are, one of the neighbors cats was watching us, out-of-doors in the storm. Messaged the owner, who responded with “what would we do without you?” Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.” – Hunter SThompson Moi and Miss Lucy p