November 04, 2017

Then, there is the Olympian days, I should be on receiving the end gold medal.( My rewards await on another plane like a 747.) It was the period of time, a day of loosing of long decided places. The annual wipe off! (for moi, wipe out) Others have bake offs, my dear and gentle readers think, “oh what frivolity!”

Stop, write there, back away from the baking. Not so much when you operate bed and breakfast. The list of life changes, once again. We “fall” into another operation of “sorts.” The inside scoop takes on a whole new meaning

Prior to all that, there was this, other fallish behaviors occurred. On the second T of the week just past, I discovered that I still have leaves, hiding on the north side of the house, in spite of the fact two trees were taken down. 15 bags went out. The driveway was not done, thinking the wind would take care of that. It did.

Blow back takes on a whole new meaning, right into the back door and up the stairs. Lucy did not get much of a walk in the 20 degree heat, and humidity. Levels unheard of for the eleventh month here in the big little city. Front and back, both doors were open to warm the house. The wind, blew those leaves up the stairs. So I saved money on heating costs, but the exchange is just not sporting. As is most of life I have found. The house now has to be vacuumed, you see how this goes?

The list of life changes, once again. We “fall” into another operation of “sorts.” The inside scoop takes on a whole new meaning. The medicine cabinet dating back to the days of my first hound, Magic I am sure. It took up real estate in the kitchen, of course. Bits and bobs were picked thru divided into what Lucy P needed. The rest discarded go to the vets today to pick up her current meds. This in the U.S. is a food supplement.

This was the second of a series of cupboards run thru with a rag, and biodegradable cleaning fluid. While this is going on, there are phone calls for receipts from guests last August. Last night, was spent blowing and honking. The first, a cupboard above the fridge was emptied of a tablespoon of gin, two teaspoons of whiskey, bottles of whine of doubtful vintage. We found in the third a  tea chest cupboard as it was the next one over, full of empty boxes of tea, stored behind three bottles of olive oil recently purchased ON SALE!

Now I have to say it has been years since the INSIDE contents have been removed and wiped and sorted, discarded and then no thought to a new place to land, which will of course send me into a tizzy at 5 a.m. when trying to operate without proper levels of caffeine, in the succeeding days.

Thru the rags, squirt bottles, step ladders and plastic gloves we are we are pleased to announce, approaching the new century, you will be pleased to know, with the purchase of Herbert. Not a kitten. Wish he was. He is a brand new, laptop.

My computer guy brought him over, and he was rewarded with a bottle of olive oil and two tin cans, enormous size, mythologist Thai soup, (which you can pour on anything and cook.) I had 12. They discovered in my sojourn to the cold room in the basement, where canned goods are stored, and a ferrying station upstairs in the behind the too big kitchen table. Monday, after feeding the guest, scheduled to go to the fabric store, to replace material on the chairs, just for fun. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Moi and Miss LP