November 01, 2017

I discovered an actual recipe that I thought I could use. For what? Cry my devoted fans, for the mustard problem. Condiments continued, seasoning the diatribe with tails. Prior to my even knowing I had a problem (quiet all you loyal readers.)I had impulse bought cabbage, ON SALE! Fifty cents a pound. If this is half of the sales event price where is it going to skyrocket to? It sits in the now clean fridge compartment awaiting its destiny.

I found, a recipe for slaw, which I love, truth be told. This recipe consisted of and contained a cup of mayo, cream and my perennial favorite, 1 teaspoon of yellow mustard. We could one assumed jump up to Dijon which I also have a bottle of. You will be hearing about the disappearing bottle for ever, my astute readers think. I also had comments in the comment section about what a problem people had with their excess mustard. Writing to tell me, just how many bottles they too had in there fridge.

While going thru the pieces of paper forgot completely, to let you all know just how many eggs, the bed and breakfast baking took. For interest, and you must know just how exciting my life is, on the slips, counted how many eggs used thru the summer, 408 or 32 dozen. Now each time a trip to the pharmacy to purchase eggs, was necessary, impulse on sale treats were as well. Thus the way to loose weight ? Pay more for eggs. I also used 40 kilos of flour, that is a lot of banana breads, lemon loafs, and apple cake. There were as well pounds and pounds of apples, which fortunately for you all, I did not count.

The night of fright passed completely uneventful, the children are non assistant in the downtown area.

Lucy is asymptomatic, we wobbled around the area, with people stopping me as she won’t to ask how old, comment on her white muzzle. Life is not slowing down, but yammers on at a rapid rate.

Going shopping for a laptop today, joining this century, a bonus for a good summer of selling rooms. One of my team, the computer guy is escorting MOI. Stay tuned, Any administration foolish enough to call ketchup a vegetable cannot be expected to cut the mustard.” – John Glenn Moi & Miss Lucy P