November 09, 2017

We had a dog day afternoon. All things Canis familiaris. Dog food, dog treats, dog walking, dog vitamins, and last but not least dog amino acids. The list of life revolved around all of that. Plus while at the pharmacy, bill paying,a dash in there to the food store. The acquisition of Montreal style bagels, other lo brow items included milk, duly noted was another hike in price. We while on the way to the vet, and after her purchase of kilos of dog nutrition, stopped and made an appointment for tire change over next week. Snow in the forecast. Before all this went to the doc office, and changed an appointment, as it was faster to go than phone.

We got the go ahead to return to boot camp, after having had my knee caps cupped. There are a few other areas that need the suctioning, let me tell you. A regime followed to strength backs, with a prone press, gluts by step standing, and a quad set with a ball squeeze, using the Mac Kenzie method, don’t cha know.

Since we missed the seasonal cleaning of the kitchen in the spring, we went at it two season later, in the fall. The kitchen in better shape than I received it, and bonus found the previous owner’s hidden bottle of “rye.”  Tearing the place apart, every cup, glass and piece of plastic has come out of its place, moved into the dining room.  I have three more cupboards to go while still having guests. Syrian teacher, M SC in computer science living in Halifax. Another Iranian teaching physiotherapy. The recent time change has been terrible, eating in the middle of the afternoon, and ready for bed, when the sun goes down at 4. One of guests went out last night at 8 pm for a drive in the rain, and I did not hear a thing.  

“Just” cleaning out the kitchen, omg,ess 289 mugs. Boxes of them, inherited, generational and all getting larger over the ages. (Somewhat similar to the mistress of the house.) Time was spent rearranging cutlery. Mom had sent me hers that was originally purchased for my sister. Six silver soup spoons were in the same package. I was thinking of just tossing unopened. Cutlery which my parents had purchased for me & given to me, as was ritual at the time in the olden days. There were two old incomplete patterns, inherited from two owners ago. In my tenure here, over the years purchased three patterns. Guests help themselves “borrowing” off the table. Knives forks spoons, lost to all eternity, therefore have 234 patterns, all incomplete. 40 year old Corning ware with too many tops underneath even after the purge you never know just when they might come in handy. Boxes, of mugs, cutlery, rusted roasting pans and other assorted junk, and I mean detritus, to be taken to charity, am nervous they are so old they won’t take them. Why would they want them? NEXT, just have to dig out business paper to burn. I am allowed to burn thru to 2010 CRA rules, BUT going to live dangerously, paper out of basement storage to burn to 2011. The end of the year is close at hand, I clean up really well. I can get dolled up.” – Queen Latifah  Moi and Miss LP