May 19th, 2016

Heading towards warmer and higher. Temperatures. Yes for most here a long weekend to celebrate a queen’s birthday. Not the current queen of our country, who lives across the pond, but of her a few great in there now, grandmothers several generations ago. Here in modern times, we celebrate by and it is the time of year to open the cottage, start the lawnmower, after putting the snow blower away. First having spent a great deal of time, getting the lawn going. The weekend usually starts with an early start sometime on Friday and goes all the way to the second T day of the week.

Had a guest here all week, he is a pleasant sort. By staying an extra day, he saved himself (or his company I suspect) $800, a princely sum. Now this is a convention of sales people and one assumes that he was up and at it last night, entertaining. I never did find out why he was very late for breakfast. He jumped out of bed, pet Lucy, and just raced out of the door without even a coffee. The French toast left on the grill.

I took an antihistamine, as they had gotten out of hand. WHAT !! WHAT, my dear and gentle readers ask, my annual spring hives, neck looks like a watermelon patch. itchy and red but not looking like my most glamorous self

Spreading this year across upper areas, that shall remain nameless, and ending on my hands. You get the imagine. Several of you will know that is exceptional, taking drugs, and this is after having had one Advil for my back. It was time, to get going again. Hives in hand we went off to boot camp.

I have to say the park was very crowded. There were assembly’s of soccer kids in uniform and lots of them. We were, having I am happy to say a very easy workout as all the hills, stairs, and ramps, were in use,. Youngsters, all of them tall and slim, in matching shirts and pair of shorts, hurtling up and down and round the lake. We did not run at all, and it seems barely moved from one place to another. Arms and legs something like old people we are. We used rubber bands, sliding sideways, with them and then using them to pump up or back, the two arms I have. We have a visitor of late, a young sheltie comes with a colleague. HE was so excited to be a part of the old-timers he peed on the instructors yoga mat in anticipation of tidbits to come to reinforce his good behavior . Lucy you might remember went thru 6 pounds of cookies a week when she first got here, 11 years ago.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. Joseph Campbell Lucy and Moi