January 07, 2016

One week inn. The opening performance of 52. Enormous and great accomplishments’ were by and large put off until after the holidays,. Then and only then, the expected and mundane were done. I watched as the holiday greeting card sent forth, returned with incorrect addresses, having placed into the postal system before the holiday return to roost.

I did, I would like to announce to all, my dear and gentle readers, that the aforementioned, Christmas cards were remodeled and sent, AGAIN. How many of us can say we have done that? Not many I would think. It is the first time I have ever done it. This is a considerable triumph for MOI, as I never thought in my wildest dreams it would come to pass. I really believed that they would stack up in the corner someplace and just drive me crazy every time I looked at them for the next 10 years. But . Its achieved it is. OFF the list of life. Crossed off but for one person, or the mail comes again.

Lucy P the unbeatable Golden, finds it irresistible to go down the street, to the post office, to see the fellows there who, give her cookies. The old girl, DRAGS me thru the door. I felt obligated to give them cookies that I made, for all that they have given Lucy. They did not reciprocate to moi, as the Christmas calories’ piled up.(thank God,dess) BUT took up a collection and went to the hospital to give a shut in some treats. I have in fact restrained myself from sugar, for two days, a negligible, trifling phenomenon I have to say so modesty .

The mail person, cute thing called Linda, which btw way means beautiful in the Spanish language, (so true don’t you think?) brought to the house, a bolt from the blue or green in this case. I have as you all know by now received from my mother the expected and very anticipated undergarments, granny whites, that on the line look like flags of surrender. One of my friends who is on the diatribe emailing list, who shall remain nameless, sent me some very in the naughty category under garment, I have to say, to hang on the line, to keep my neighbors’ happy. Jollies was the expression I think she used. I have to state, the neighbors’ are frequently at work when the line goes out daily, in the summer. BUT there is a stout man across the street, with dreads I could wave to, with them in hand.

I spent most of the day in jammies, as did my neighbor refugee from across the street. He, joined me, let me hasten to add, is not the same one, as I aforementioned above, stout and with dreads, to drink cups of joy. We swapped stories and tales and swore we would make it another day in the minus the calories’ needed to keep us up and going category.

The city phoned and let me know they are not responsible for the water main issue. Of course not, what was I thinking? The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.

Audrey Hepburn