January 05, 2016

I jotted things for the list of life thinking that I would get to them, but reality, kept intruding. I was trying to keep at my break from reality, and almost succeeded. The world thinking it had missed out by taking a vacation JUMPED back to full throttle.. Yes indeed, thought that if the kids had one more day of holiday, I could too. Thumbs down, on that idea, but and except that I have the reservations systems shut tight, for another week, my reality leaked inn. I pounded away and wrote a diatribe, but the outbox is keeping it hostage.

Everyone everywhere was back in the saddle. The plug is pulled, the battle started for the 2016 season. 360 days to go and you had better get with it. For example, one of the MANY booking systems sent me a nasty email saying I better pay up or else they will break my legs for $44. I sent the cheque #1456 on Dec 07th. They send as a matter of course you have not paid emails but this was special. As a way of explanation, I sent an email back to them, according to their instructions. The response was when they inscribed, back saying I was incorrect in my correspondence. Did they check I had paid? NO, I had not to their specifications, written the subject header correctly and to re-write it. Now remember this has been paid on time, mailed and otherwise something I should not be running around after, but I do like walking about on both legs, and in the meantime, I called their support line, Jacob was not at his desk. He works the Canada desk, asking him via voice mail to look. I now have to check for the cheque with my bank which will only cost me money to see if it was cashed. That being said the two major on line systems have a postal box beside each other, and I may have inadvertently sent a cheque to the wrong box. Will see. Revenue Canada envelopes awaits while I put the finishing touches on the books for 2015. Only one person last year did not pay. I have a date, with destiny later in the year, yes indeed, with the accountant. Back at it with calls for water leaks, and emails to the Oregon people to confirm their reservations. We are OFF.

While trying to catch up on domestic and familiar gossip, with a cousin in for the holidays, the new to me lip phone, rang and it was not my mother. (she did call but for the sake of the story will leap over that fact) and impart the Yanks are coming. A reservation for August came thru. I have to say it will take some adjustment to get used to the phone, (and guests) it is small and hard to open and I the laggard that I am fumble with new to me buttons.

I will have to drive the dog to the bank, as it is too cold, to walk At the moment it is sunny. Light Winds. High minus 11./4 F Wind chill to take up to minus 29 this morning. This is great, just great. I purchased new long under garments (black!) and can stuff myself into them. No shoveling in sight as it sunny and cold. Yea. Furnace is winding up for a day of working hard.

Labor off bulk, LAB for short, has started, at boot camp. Weigh in last night, and measurements on Weds. It was the first class of the season, and I will not whine about it, or tell you my shoulders are hunched over and my ample bottom has nerves I did not know exist. We have challenges now, outside of class, for extra points, to win against the team in Germany we are up against. This weeks is to plank for 5 minutes each day and take a picture to win extra points. The dog is wondering just what I am doing, so do I. First quote for the start of the new year and it is a magnificent one if I do say so myself Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
Steve Jobs Moi et Lucy