January 06, 2016

WE ARE BACK! The flipside, a new year and here we go…..the year, 2016 for those of who time travel, will have, we hope, an overriding theme is to “live a life with intention.” or as they say in the book of common prayer, which some of you might be familiar with, am “intending to lead a new life.” COURAGE is the operative word. The same cast of character’s rides the pages, as last time we were together, that would be MOI and my side kick Lucy. The stock market is tanking, the world is crumbling and on we go.

We had enjoyment, adventure, sleep, much tea, many calories and laughter, since last we spoke too. Good wishes for a safe trip abounded. JUST prior to the grand send off, my neighbor to the left, arrived and gave me a giant container of cashews always good to munch on, and I had a carton of diet Pepsi. We waved good bye, to everyone on the street, who was looking, and to the great white north, we went. We were OFF. Lucy went for a long ride. I was her chauffer in La Tomato, driving her around the country side, in two different provinces, two time zones. We drove highways and bye ways and back roads too. We were in villages, rural comminutes, townships and metropolises. We were in condos, homes and apt most topped with lighted trees, and candy and copious amounts of Chinese food.

Lucy was walked in streets, alleyways, parks, and fields. She made her needs known, as I wanted one way and she wanted a pond the other direction. We had temperatures contusive to Lucy swimming in a pond, a few times. Moved onto slush, snow, overcast, blue skies. THE cloudy and snowy making La tomato a new colour of black. Using up a record amount of windshield wiper fluid.

We visited everyone on the list but a few, as we condensed the visiting of friends to a few minutes in some cases. We said hello, met new beings, kissed and hugs old friends, fail to attend or phone some folk and viewed the old home stead. The beds were good, the hot water plentiful, and towels clean. I played internet tag with the nephew, changing spots with him like a leopard. Caught up on kids, parents, retirements and ailments. There was I have to say, much gratitude abounding. Things it seems could be much worse. It was a social life instead of social media.

We spent much time looking for things in the GIANT hockey bag, taking way too many, tops, pants, and glad rags. We needed up bringing everything everything in to the dwellings we visited, as organization before we left was scant. However what little organization we did such as the new to me phone and long distance plan (we hope) was useful.

I commenced, therefore started, a new tradition if I can hark back to it, for next year. Memory, that being a problem. However finding out that everyone my age is in the same boat. The Seasons cards and letters were in the mail box when I got home. Read when calm and less frenzied, sitting in my pink bathrobe. This is a nice feeling. So stay tuned for more on the fun and adventures, I have started the list of life.

So resolutions’ for the new year include: Be nice, be kind, go for it, eat less, excise regularly, speak the truth from my perspective, social life where ever possible, instead of social media, own my mistakes, say sorry fast, move on, be grateful, count my blessings. All good until I get enervated. BUT here we go. Love to you all stay tuned, don’t touch that dial. L to the power of two. That would be Moi et Lucy.